Three of the Most Exciting Exhibits From the Early Stages of This Year’s San Diego Comic Convention

Physical and digital designers

The San Diego Comic Convention is one of the biggest and most important events in all of nerdom. It’s where months of brand development strategies climax or begin, where the small, kickstarter underdogs can catch pop culture’s attention or where even the best creative agency can fall flat on its face.

It’s the one event where nothing can be held back, and it always delivers. This year’s SDCC kicked off this week, and so far there’s already been some good buzz around a few exhibits.

New Movie Posters.

After months of fan speculation and teasing, production companies have finally released a few posters for some of sci-fi and fantasy’s most

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Three of the Worst Places to Leave Your TV Remote Controls

Remote controls for tv

Did you know that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans over the age of 15-years-old watch an average of 2.8 hours of television per day? In total, we spend just under half of our total leisure time in a given week catching up on our favorite shows, watching sports games, and melting our brains with reality television. America, in other words, is the land of television.

One of the most essential parts of our viewing experience is TV remote controls. Without the remote, we can’t change the channel or the volume — heck, we can’t really enjoy our favorite shows at all. That’s why people go absolutely crazy about TV remote replacement when one goes missing.

Given that we’re constantly putting our hands all over our remotes, we need to be careful about where we leave them, j

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Why Choosing the Right Rack Enclosures is So Important to Your IT Setup

Server rack shelves

Making the decision to set up your own servers for your business can have a number of positive effects. As Computer World suggests, having all of your IT hardware within reach means being able to fix a problem as soon as you notice it. You’ll also be able to upgrade your hardware or software without having to rely on an opening in an IT service’s schedule. In other words, having your own server room gives you complete control over your IT and better control of your business overall.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up their server rooms is focusing too heavily on their systems. While it’s true that everything from your processor to your hard drives to your RAM is essential to a healthy setup, you can’t forget about the hardware that supports your actual servers. Rack encl

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