4 Ways You Can Protect Your House From Frequent Storms

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Life in an area prone to heavy storms can be stressful for homeowners, who worry over the protection of their homes in an event of bad weather. Having storm protection can be the difference between minor damage and thousands of dollars worth of property repair. Every house is prone to storm damage, so here are a few tips that will keep your home protected from any storm.

Windows and Doors

When protecting your house from an upcoming storm, you’ll want to make sure your windows and doors are protected. The best way to protect windows and glass doors is to install storm shutters, which prevent wind and debris from entering your home. If your house does not have bolts strong enough for strong winds, install a few more additional bolts to keep the storm out.

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3 Ways A Professional Answering Service Will Improve Your Business

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The U.S. telecommunications industry is booming right now, with an employee arsenal of nearly 25,000 and an estimated revenue of 10 billion. (Some estimates are even in the trillions). If you’re a small HVAC company or a medical services industry, you might be wondering how all this telecommunications hooplah is relevant to you. We have three words for you: Professional answering service. If you incorporate a customized professional answering service into just about any business model with a high customer interaction rate, you’re liable to improve upon the following things:
1. Data
If you run a 9 to 5 business operation and shut off the phones at night, you could be missing out on customer interactions that might provide valuable feedback and statistics for your business during the othe

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How To Choose A Disaster Recovery Plan

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Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? Without one, the business could be extremely vulnerable. As of 2013, 43% of companies in the United States said they had experienced some sort of data breach. Because these breaches typically happen to IT systems that we can’t see or touch it is sometimes difficult to imagine the amount of damage they can cause. In reality, when a company experiences a data breach, the typical cost of recovery include: reputation and brand management, lost productivity, lost revenue, forensics, technical support, and compliance regulatory costs. As you can see, these costs could add up fast. The cost alone is one of the main reasons to ensure that your business is protected with a disaster recovery plan. Here are some of the key features to look for when purchasing

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