How To Avoid Cloud Sticker Shock Syndrome in 2016

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A new article from InfoWorld this January covers simple tips for any executives looking to avoid cloud “sticker shock” syndrome. While the cost of migrating to the cloud can often be higher than many organizations anticipated, that’s not actually the sticker shock the site was talking about. Instead, it’s the hidden fees that often come after you adopt cloud communications.
In fact, some entities find that the biggest expenses in cloud computing comes AFTER the migration is over, and after they thought they had prices locked in. Specifically, InfoWorld warns people to watch out for extra fees or costs associated with running a large database on a public cloud netw

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The 3 Most Crucial Components of a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

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Building a loyal following of customers online used to be supremely difficult, but now it’s made easier than ever with the help of digital marketing services. Internet marketing is more important now than ever before, and your company needs the most advanced strategies possible to best your competition.

Through a combination of several effective advertising and optimization strategies, an internet marketing company can take your business to a completely different level. You’ll rise to the to top of organic search rankings and offer consumers a website that is appealing and easy to navigate.

You likely do not have the in-house resources to accomplish this level of internet marketing, whi

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Pros and Cons of 3D Laser Scanning Services Is There a Better Option?

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Although lasers are commonly associated with futurism and science fiction, they’ve been utilized in a number of industrial and scientific capacities for many decades now. And among other uses, lasers are increasingly being used for industrial inspection services. For those in need of high-tech 3D scanning services, the use of 3D laser scanning has an undeniable appeal.
After all, who doesn’t want to point a laser at their stuff?
Of course, there are other methods of 3D scanning services besides using the latest laser inspection equipment. So what are the pros and cons of laser scanning?

Pros of Using Laser Equipment for Industrial Inspection

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