Three Social Media Marketing Tips Straight From the Experts

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

A representative from The Huffington Post recently attended Social Media Marketing World 2014 an international conference in San Diego. The Huffington Post was quick to dish on top social media marketing firms’ best-kept secrets. From visual-based content, Facebook, and Twitter, marketers have plenty of opportunity to get their name and/or brand out there — especially in 2014. Here are some key highlights:

Create Striking Visuals

The rising popularity of image-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram make it perfectly clear: consumers are leaning toward visual formats. Compelling visuals can capture users’ interest in seconds — an opport

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How to Find Digital Printing Services

Variable data printing sd

When it comes to advertising, most companies are aware that they have a number of options. But how do you choose between all of those options? How do you utilize modern technology to reach potential customers in the best way? These questions and others can make advertising decisions difficult. But the best choice for many businesses won’t necessarily be the most technologically advanced or unnecessarily sophisticated. Instead, many businesses find that their most successful advertising campaigns are fairly simple; many find success by hiring digital printing services to produce pamphlets, postcards, and other paper advertisements to advertise in the real world as opposed to online.

Unlike television commercials, radio advertisements, and online campaigns, print advertisements are less intrusive an

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Four Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant for Your Company or Business

Computer support summerville

For many businesses and companies, technology plays a big role in making sure many operations run smoothly. Making sure your company’s computers run as well as they should is therefore essential in preventing data loss and other major problems.

Here are four reasons why your company can benefit from hiring an IT consulting specialist:

1. Experience: IT consulting specialists bring valuable experience and knowledge about advanced computer services, IT compliance and computer repair tips and tricks to your company. The best IT consulting specialists will have an in-depth knowledge of computer technology thanks to their years of experience.

2. Innovation: If y

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