The Meter Mix Dispensing System An Important Piece of Equipment to Streamline Your Business Operations

Companies that produce electronics or other technological products need specialized equipment. They also need to ensure that individual parts are properly insulated and that the final product will work optimally. In order to accomplish these and other goals, it’s essential for workers within these fields to be well-trained and understand the processes involved.

Potting Compounds and the Curing Process

Potting compounds are a type of polymer. Given this, they will shrink while they are being cured. Unfilled epoxy potting compounds, for example, may shrink up to 2.3%. When potting compounds are being cured, they may attain temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius or even higher.

It’s important to note that in order to fully encapsulate electronic components without any voids or air bubbles, potting compounds need to flow well. The potting compound’s viscosity determines whether or not this will occur, and it is essential to this process’ success. There are, of course, vari

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Are Managed IT Services Just Hype?

What are managed IT services and are they actually as important as the buzz surrounding them would suggest?

General Definition

In general, managed IT services offer business the opportunity to put all of its IT solutions and IT management onto an outside entity. This entity monitors and manages the systems 24 hours a day and provides the go-to problem resolution for all that business’ IT systems.

Early IT

The first outside IT management was really just run by individuals, often amateur networkers who had taught themselves, who were responsible for setting up simple network systems for individual companies. For the most part, the company would run as normal until something broke. When that thing broke, the company would call the person who had set up the system. That person would, hopefully, be able to fix whatever had gone wrong.

IT Advancement

The next step in managed IT services came when people developed programs to do periodic checks of the system even if it

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The Importance Of Switching To An Electronic Document Storage System

Document storage is becoming a growing problem for many different places of business in the United States. To put it simply, many places simply do not have the resources to store as many documents as they have. Fortunately, there is a solution and it lies in technology. Storing the important documents that your company might have on a digital platform instead of in a physical form can present the answer to this problem, and can be done in a number of different ways, from recruiting digital scanning services or even just scanning on site.

The paper document has become wildly inefficient and even more wasteful. After all think about it like this: we’re cutting down so many trees for inessential documents all around the world. If we just switched to scanning on site and reduced our use of paper documents, we’d be able to save quite a bit of paper – and quite a bit of time. On top of being far from environmentally friendly, working with a completely paper filing system when it comes t

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