Manage Your Files in Style Three Things You Should Know About Data Delivery Services

What is ftp?

The recent events at Sony illustrate the pressing need for better file transfer services. Managed file transfer systems are used by businesses and other organizations to transfer data from one host to another. Data delivery services not only transfer data, they also help store data and provide backups in case any loss is sustained.

There are many data delivery methods to choose from. The following are three examples of systems and methods used in managed file transfer systems:

  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is one of the most commonly-used transfer methods in IT departments. FTP is a network protocol used to transfer data from one host to another using a clie
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Massachusetts Biobank Offers Researchers New Possibilities

Biobanking software

When it comes to biobanking, many people in our society likely focus on the technology itself, imagining the lab sample management systems and freezer software that is used to properly store tubes of blood, slides of tissue, and more. These tools can often seem more like something out of a futuristic movie rather than a key item in translational research. But in this wonder, an important question may not be asked: where do the samples themselves come from?

Typically, the samples stored in a biobanki

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What Advice Can Expert SEO Services Offer for Your Business?

Small business seo

When you hear the phrase “search engine optimization,” or SEO, what comes to mind? If you’re a small business owner, you may have been told that you need expert SEO services in order to get search engines to find your website. While this is true in some ways, it doesn’t scratch the surface of what a modern SEO consulting agency can do for you. Today’s professional SEO services offer advice on everything from website design to social media management services for businesses of all sizes.

So just what kind of expert advice will you receive from a small business SEO management agency? Here are just a few ways in which expert SEO services can guide your business into creating the greatest online presence possibl

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