Three Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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If you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of SEO this late in the game, you’re probably pretty far behind your competition in your industry. It’s essential these days to be marketing online, which always starts with a multi-pronged search engine optimization strategies. Interestingly enough, this goes beyond onsite optimization and content marketing though. These days, all small businesses need to be branching out into social media. The benefits of social media marketing for small business are clear, but the trouble i

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Verizon Wireless Will Allow Users to Turn Off “Supercookies”

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As smartphones and other mobile devices have grown increasingly popular, internet advertising agencies have continually encouraged their clients to reach out to these users with their marketing strategies. A number of statistics have supported this advice: for example, the average tablet user spends an estimated 13.9 hours surfing the web on their device every week, and an estimated 73% of smartphone owners access their social media accounts through their applications at least once a day. With these facts, it only seems logical to work with internet marketing firms and other marketing companies that can help address this growing tr

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Manage Your Files in Style Three Things You Should Know About Data Delivery Services

What is ftp?

The recent events at Sony illustrate the pressing need for better file transfer services. Managed file transfer systems are used by businesses and other organizations to transfer data from one host to another. Data delivery services not only transfer data, they also help store data and provide backups in case any loss is sustained.

There are many data delivery methods to choose from. The following are three examples of systems and methods used in managed file transfer systems:

  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is one of the most commonly-used transfer methods in IT departments. FTP is a network protocol used to transfer data from one host to another using a clie
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