Avoid Your Own Text Messaging Scandal by Learning About Secure Messaging

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The Internet Age has brought with it communications potential in ways humans a century ago could never have dreamed. In an instant, we can call each other, from anywhere in the world. Messages can be sent in the blink of an eye. Imagine if Paul Revere had that ability when he shot across New England on horseback shouting “The British are coming!” We could have at least saved the horse the trouble.

Despite all the advantages of text messaging and mobile email service, this brave new world of telecommunications has brought with it a slew of security issues. As Radar Online reports, celebrities have quite literally been caught with their pants down because they sent a text message that wasn’t secure. Healthcare providers have gotten slammed with HIPAA lawsuits when using

Why Responsive Mobile Site Design is Crucial to SEO Campaigns

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About 50% of mobile phone owners use the internet primarily on their phones, so it’s becoming more and more important for the best web design to be optimized for mobile use. Mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, and mobile is only expected to get bigger as time goes on.

The debate between whether to design responsive websites, which adjust to fit any platform, or separate mobile websites rages on with no clear frontrunners, mostly because there are costs and benefits to both strategies.

However, if SEO is part of your marketing strategy, the best web design option for your company may be responsive:

Responsive websites guarantee a positive user-experience across many different screen sizes, resolutions and devices. Because you’re planning to funnel traffic in from search engines

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Cloud Price Wars Have the Potential to Negatively Impact the Overall Industry

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Are cloud price wars potentially bad for the cloud industry? This seems to be the case as far as quality and variety of options are concerned, according to Matt Weinberger, a Cite World writer. In many ways, cloud price wars have resembled Walmart’s efforts to be the lowest seller in all areas. You might get the lowest prices there, but pretty soon they’ll be the only place you can buy these items: everyone smaller is driven out of business.

Cloud computing has been getting cheaper thanks to the falling cost of physical hardware solutions. The big-name providers, Amazon and Google, have been engaged in an ongoing price war that offers their services at low, low pr

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