By 2030, One in Five Americans Will be a Senior Citizen How Health Care Will Change

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In the next 15 years, about one in five Americans will be over the age of 65. Since about one in every four elderly people takes eight or more medications on a regular basis, having reliable pharmacy software in place can make sure that pharmacies are a strong link in the chain of patient care. Accurate medication dispensing, coupled with in-house pharmaceutical consultations, can make sure that pharmaceuticals are going to the correct patients and in the correct dosages.

Pharmacy management solutions often include “point of sale,” or POS systems, which allow pharmacies to keep patients’ signatures on file, to maintain transaction records for prescriptions and refills, and to keep track of billing information for patients who use the pharmacy’s services. Pharmacy software can also provide phar

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5 SEO Best Practices That Will Boost Your Clientele

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With the majority of internet users shopping for products and services online and most of those users using search engines to do it, it’s no wonder search engine optimization services are on the rise. If you’re a small business, even if you don’t have a website, it is absolutely essential that you learn some search engine optimization basics today. SEO services will help you and your business come up higher in the results of sites like Google and Bing whenever anyone searches something having to do with your industry. This can get you expon

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Say Yes to Sweepstakes; Say Yes To Profits

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When looking towards expanding the online traffic for your business, a great way to increase web views and marketing is through online contests and sweepstakes. Not only are these marketing strategies cost efficient, but they’re a great way to deepen your web-presence and increase the number of people who are interacting with your brand. The key to understanding online sweepstakes and contest management is viewing these strategies as distinct from one another. A contest is defined as a game of skill where participants enter through a show of skill of kind, such as uploading a video or photo, or writing an essay, etc. The entries are then judged based on a set of pre-determined criteria, and a winner (or winners) are chosen. Contest management can be as grand or as simple a process as your business requires

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