Four of the Biggest Medical Data Breaches in United States History

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Would you be surprised to learn that, according to the healthcare and technology website Healthline, 44% of data breaches in the United States involved data theft or data loss from hospitals and private medical practices? If recent events are any indication, it seems that hostile entities targeting this type of private data — data that can be used to steal identities — are only becoming more common.

Even so, many healthcare providers think that such a thing can never happen to them, only realizing their mistake when it’s too late. If you’re one of the many who blow off smart security practices, here are just a few of the biggest American medical data breaches to show you just how bad things can get.

Four of the Biggest Medical Data Breaches in American History

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Mobile UX May Soon Affect Rankings, as Well as Customer Satisfaction

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Experts are predicting that any SEO company worth its salt needs to start putting mobile capability at the top of its list when it comes to building high-ranking websites. Google has given strong indicators in recent weeks that mobile user experience (UX, in industry jargon) may soon be added as a factor in its ranking algorithms. Is this good news for businesses relying on web traffic, or bad?

Thinking Like the New Google

Older forms of search engine optimization often relied on “thinking like Google” — determining the limited steps a non-sentient entity could take. This led to practices such as keyword stuffing and purchasing backlinks from less-than-reputable websites (both strategies that are now penalized by Google).

But as Google’s algorithms become more s

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Did You Know You Can Sell Your Old Laptop for Cash?

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We’ve all had that horrible experience: The precious laptop that is your lifeblood, your portal to the outside world, the tool you use to make your living, and most importantly, the machine on which you binge-watch TV shows on Netflix, has died.

This time, it’s not just a thermal shutdown, or a dead battery, or a slightly melted keyboard because you lit a candle too close to your laptop for romantic candlelight fanfiction reading (That’s happened to everyone, right?). This time, it’s game over. Your laptop is dead and gone, and not even the heroes at Geek Squad or the Genius Bar can save it now.

Obviously, you rushed right out to buy a new laptop, because you likely started hyperventilating as soon as your old one broke down. And so what if you can’t afford to eat or pay your rent this month? Y

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