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Three Reasons to Use Mag Stripe Readers in Your Business

Smart card scanner

Those little plastic cards everyone holds in their wallet can contain a lot of information. The credit cards, debit cards, and ID cards hold valuable information on that little magnetic stripe. Mag stripe readers grant access to the information stored on credit cards, debit cards, and ID cards. License scanners and lotto ticket scanners can offer a good business platform when combined with a credit card reader and smart card reader. This equipment can help your business by allowing customers to easily purchase items. The convenience for the customers may result in increased sales for your company. Here are three reasons to have a mag stripe reader in your business.

1. Magnetic stripes have information. Up to 60 charac

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Four Technological Expectations of Today’s Hotel Guests

Hotel management solutions

Technology is changing the way the business world works and operates. Take the hotel and hospitality industry for example. Years ago, a good customer service experience in this industry included exceptional interactions with the front desk staff, a clean room, and helpful concierge services. Today, with technology introduced into the picture, there are many more components that make up an exceptional customer service experience.

The ability to research and book online

The majority of hotel customers no longer call to reserve a room. Instead, they research local hotels and then book online. If a hotel does not have an easy process to do this, customers are more likely to be dissatisfied and less likely to book a room there. Customers today want a booking process that is easy, fa

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What Life Sciences Recruiters Should Look For In A Candidate


As a life sciences recruiting company, it’s important to find candidates who will advance the industry. About 71% of respondents in a recent industry survey admit to having a shortage of candidates in 2014, and it is your job to fill this void. But what should you look for in a qualified candidate? The following are some of the most critical attributes that life sciences recruiters should watch for.


In today’s life sciences industry, it’s not enough just to show up at work to do your job. The best professionals are

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