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Using the Right Glue Guns and Nozzles

The topic of glue and epoxies and the machines that dispense them are quite closely related, but may be considered distinct as well. The actual glue and epoxy administered through dispense valves, epoxy dispenser pumps, and other fluid dispensing systems are a topic on their own, such as their contents and uses. Meanwhile, interested engineers may consider how these dispensers are made, such as static mixing nozzles, cartridge dispensers, and more. These static mixing nozzles and more are the hardware aspect of glue or epoxy dispensing, and these machines should be in good condition when used. They can be part of a larger machine in a factory, but others may be handheld devices used by home repair experts, carpenters, and more. That includes mounted static mixing nozzles on a glue gun.

Using These Glue Dispensers

What makes for a quality glue or epoxy dispenser? As one example, static mix

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