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So Many Cables So Little Time

Having all of those cables around your home that belong to different things and have specialized plugs for different things can be a difficult means to absorb and navigate through. If you have trouble figuring what the highspeed HDMI cable is from the lightning cable or even the USB cables, than perhaps it is time for a refresher so that maybe the next time you’re sifting through that box of long spindly wires you can pick out exactly the one that you want and you’ve been looking for in record time rather than trying out fifteen different wires for things that just simply don’t work or fit correctly.

Cat6 Cables

Category 6 cables, or better known as cat6 cables are fast Ethernet cables. They are able to handle 250 MHz unlike the Cat5 cables that could only handle 100 MHz. If you’re looking for faster internet, than it is the Cat6

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Why Are We Still Using USB 20 Device Cables Instead of USB 30?

Usb 2.0 device cable

USB 2.0 device cables are some of the most common USB cables on the market today. While USB 3.0 data cables are 10 times faster than USB 2.0 cables, they are far newer and not as far integrated on the market.
Released in 2008 , USB 3.0 cables were highly anticipated, although tech companies took a long time to adapt their products for the new USB. Intel did not make its products USB 3.0 compatible until 2011, nor did AMD.

With such a lag in adoption of the new technology, it was virtually impossible to force these cables into the hands of consumers. Even after the companies made USB compatible products, USB 2.0 still ranks supreme, since the female connectors on all n

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