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5 Tips for Taming Your Cable Clutter

With the number of devices that most people use today, it is easy for them to take over and leave any space looking like it is just a nest of snakes. There are ways you can corral all of your USB 3.0 extension cables, power lightning cables, highspeed HDMI cables, and everything else so that you have what you need without creating a giant mess. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Put in wireless technology. There are a number of devices that can go wireless. This is one of the easiest ways to declutter your space. You can work with wireless printers, speakers, and headphones. If your setup requires HDMI cables, you can even get HDMI that is wireless. This is not the cheapest way to neaten up your space but does work well.
  2. Place your devices close to your outlets. It is true that not every space has outlets put in convenient spots but if you can arrange everything so that your devices are closer to the outlets, you lose the need to have longer cables running all over yo
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