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There is no doubt that we are, at heart, visual animals. Most of our sensory energy is tied up in our vision, unlike other mammals such as dogs and cats. For them, smell is one of the strongest senses and it shows in their talents and behaviors. But humans are primates and primates get by on two major advantages. One we have are incredibly mobile and can live in a wide range of environments. And two, we have pretty good eyesight. Not as good as some other animals, mind you. Eagles, for example, have some of the best eye sight in the animal kingdom. They can spot prey from up to two or three miles away and then swoop down and do what has to be done. Though we can’t do that, we’re still pretty good in the vision department and it has allowed us to flourish in all sorts of different ways. This idea might seem a little abstract or scientific but it plays out in all sorts of ways you might not expect. For instance, we as people are heavily influenced by color and shape. There is much eviden

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