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Testing Your Current Transformer Meter and The Ability to Save on Power

Considering all of the electricity used throughout your home on a daily basis, there is almost always something that has your current transformer meter running. The basic unit of power is the Watt with the kilowatt being the measure of 1,000 Watts. A simple measurement of the power that you use could include vacuuming. When your 1,000-Watt vacuum is plugged in and run for one hour, you use one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power. Then, you see your bill from the power company measured in the total number of kWh of energy that you have used over the course of a month. This is what the current transformer meter in your home calculates for them.

The Transformer and Power Bills

Your home includes single-phase power, also known as 120-volt AC service. During this time, the power lines that lead to your homes are often rated between 400,000 and 700,000 volts. Additionally, the appliances in your home likely use voltages much lower than this, as low as 110 volts but up to 250 volts. Th

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