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500 ft ethernet cable

It’s a scenario every gamer dreads: Running through a scenario with intense graphics that demand considerable bandwidth and a latency that keeps the game moving, and the gaming device, whether run on a computer or a console, suddenly slows down to a crawl.

Even with high speed Internet, a stable and efficient connection between devices is necessary for increased performance. It goes well beyond gaming, whether at a personal or competitive level, and speaks to the challenges faced by companies that utilize complex technology and depend on it for functionality.

One aspect of this dependence on technology comes from the health industry, where one institute indicates that 7% of nurses’ time is spent documenting vital signs, where connections through cables like a network ethernet cable are counted

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3 Benefits of Cat6 Cables

Usb 2.0 cables

Cat6 ethernet cables, or Category 6, are standard cables used in networking applications. Whether your a business owner looking to develop a new office center or just a person doing renovations on an extensive home project, Cat6 cables are crucial to ensuring a reliable and connected network. Cat6 cables can be identified by the printing located on the side of the cable sheath and they should be used in conjunction with Cat6 wiring, or else overall performance may be adversely affected. Here are three things to consider when purchasing Cat6 cables.

  1. Buy in Bulk: