Why Are We Still Using USB 20 Device Cables Instead of USB 30?

Usb 2.0 device cable

USB 2.0 device cables are some of the most common USB cables on the market today. While USB 3.0 data cables are 10 times faster than USB 2.0 cables, they are far newer and not as far integrated on the market.
Released in 2008 , USB 3.0 cables were highly anticipated, although tech companies took a long time to adapt their products for the new USB. Intel did not make its products USB 3.0 compatible until 2011, nor did AMD.

With such a lag in adoption of the new technology, it was virtually impossible to force these cables into the hands of consumers. Even after the companies made USB compatible products, USB 2.0 still ranks supreme, since the female connectors on all n

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Some Things to Think About While You’re Looking for a Cell Phone Repair Company

Thousand oaks iphone repair

It is hard to imagine a time that we lacked the capability to instantly connect with each other. Over a relatively short period of time, humanity’s methods of communication morphed into the easy access we have today to reach practically anyone, located just about anywhere on the globe.

It wasn’t always this way, and many people take for granted that simple accessibility. Entire generations have never known life without touch screens and smart phones. Yet there are people alive today who were born long before telephones and televisions were standard devices to have in homes.

Communication over time

The brilliance of the human mind and ingenuity is quite apparent in the progression of our communications systems through time. From the physical telegraphy o

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Integrated Marketing Services Combine the Benefits of Traditional and Non-Traditional Channels


With the growing trend in online marketing, many businesses have to decide how to spend their marketing budget. What’s the best investment for your advertising dollars? Instead of limiting your marketing choices to simple either-or options, integrated marketing services combine traditional and non-traditional marketing channels to promote consistent brand messaging. Rather than having to choose between print or internet, they recognize that different advertising and promotional methods can reinforce each other.

Combining traditional and non-traditional channels
The goal of advertising efforts is lead generation, particularly sales-ready leads. There’s no magic formula to achieve this, but both

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